The RHS Rampage

Editors : Natalie Crowley & Grace Dehnel


Nicholas Avalos

Sebastian Avalos

Thanh Bao

Aleksandra Elcsics 

Tibor Elcsics

Madison Maiolo

Shealeigh Thomas

Advisor Victoria Nordlund

The RHS Rampage is a forum for student writers here at Rockville High School that we hope will foster the next generation of journalists. The articles written on the Rampage are by students from all grades, freshmen to seniors, with updates and news about everything that is going on at RHS. Editorial pieces about topics Rockville students are passionate about will also be part of the newspaper. The RHS Rampage hopes to be an inclusive place where everyone is welcome and all ideas are free to be expressed, and we hope that you enjoy reading what Rockville students are writing!

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