Rockville High School Seniors Take on Their Senior Demonstration Projects


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Rockville Students have been overwhelmed balancing college applications with their Senior Demonstration project due to the change in presentation time. Earlier this year, a senior at Rockville High School, Abigail Aggarwala, spoke up with her concerns.

In past years it has been a requirement in the state of Connecticut for high school seniors to complete a Senior Demonstration project to graduate (Here’s an Example: Copy of Fitness4Everyone), at Rockville High School it usually has seniors working on this project throughout their last semester then presenting at some point before graduation. This year Rockville changed the presentation time from Spring to Winter, which has caused a lot of issues for students. Abigail emailed the principal about the matter which stated:

“I understand the importance of the Senior Demonstration Project in preparing us for the future and becoming a ‘Vision of a Graduate.” However, the timing of the project in the first half of the year has raised some challenges. With college applications, scholarship deadlines, FAFSA, portfolios, college interviews, midterms approaching, and the general stress that this time of the year brings, many of us feel overwhelmed and unprepared to give our best to the project”(Aggarwala).

Understanding the Administrator’s goal to make the second half of the year less stressful by moving presentation time, with the intention that students would also agree with their decision. But the fact of the matter is that this change was made to try and benefit the student body without asking for the student’s opinion. The beginning of senior year is very busy for most students and it has caused them to procrastinate on their projects to avoid the workload. It caused students to present lower-quality projects, proving what Abigail had previously stated.

Every student has a different topic that they have chosen. Every project shows a little about each person. Here are some of the projects students have presented so far!