A Successful Semester for the Rockville High School Art Department


School has been displaying a variety of new art around the school from semester 1! From intricate clay sculptures to photos taken in photography. RHS is showcasing pieces from all different grades and are showing the diverse styles and passions of students. Teachers have supported the student artists and have had a positive impact on sharing students' hard work throughout the school. RHS is creating a lively atmosphere that extends beyond the art classroom. With the next semester starting, here are some words from Mrs. Tooker, a teacher in RHS Art Department:

“We are thrilled to bring you the latest on the creative endeavors of our talented RHS ART students.The semester kicked off with a burst of creativity as students delved into various artistic mediums, pushing the boundaries of their imagination. From mesmerizing paintings to digital art masterpieces, our artists fearlessly explored new techniques, styles, and perspectives. We took 2 field trips this semester. First to tour the Art department and campus at ECSU. Then we headed down to the NBMAA for a day touring the museum's many galleries and participated in a hands-on activity in the museum education facility. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work in a well-received art exhibition held at RHS on May 23rd. The event will be a celebration of artistic diversity, featuring a stunning array of artworks that are sure to captivate the audience.We are proud to announce that Aleksandra Elcsics will receive recognition for their outstanding achievements in visual art from The Connecticut Association of Schools. Congratulations Aleksandra!

As we embark on Semester 2, the Art Department at RHS is poised to continue its journey of artistic exploration and growth. With new projects, challenges, and opportunities on the horizon, we are excited to witness the continued evolution of our students as they push the boundaries of artistic expression.Students will continue to make more artwork in the next few months expressing their interests and talents!”

The art department is growing fiercely and will continue to grow with the continuous support of the students. Let's see where this semester takes RHS!