Newspaper Club is Reviving Journalism at Rockville High School


Over the last decade, journalism has been coined as a dying profession. But why? According to Rockville High School, many students believe that it is because of the bleak nature of articles and news that they see. However, some of those same students have taken up the challenge of rejuvenating journalism with the RHS Rampage. This isn’t any ordinary newspaper with boring editorials and dreary articles, this is a reflection of the Rockville High School community. Designed to capture and promote school spirit, clubs, sports, and achievements, the Rockville Newspaper will represent what it truly means to be a ram. In a world where information is at everyone’s fingertips, it is difficult for students to find positivity in the world. As a result, students become less motivated to pursue journalism. A survey done on 148 Rockville High School students reported that about 36% of the student body feel that they do not know about school events and opportunities. Many commented that there is not enough engagement with the students and there needs to be a better means of communication. Our newspaper is designed to be a source of news for the Rockville community, as well as an opportunity for students to get involved with journalism.

This newspaper is the final capstone project for two seniors in the Humanities Scholars program. However, the staff behind the newspaper spans across all grades and experience levels. With such diverse members, the possibilities for articles and contributions are countless. This ongoing project will feature multimedia works from students including comics, interviews, photos, and opinion pieces. Rockville is a collective of students and it needs a publication that reflects those experiences.