Valentine's Day Festivities Commence at Rockville High School


Roses are red, violets are blue, and we were glad to celebrate with you! This past Valentine's day, RHS had many fun and creative ways to celebrate love! Young couples were filled with excitement, giving flowers, and enjoying one another's company. Multiple clubs and activities sold things to celebrate the holiday and raise money!

The class of 2027 sold miniature stuffed animals for $2 or 3 for $5. This fundraiser helped boost the class of 2027 in their fundraising efforts after many fundraisers this year. The Class of 2027 has had countless efforts to fundraiser for their upcoming Junior and Senior Proms. Although they seem to be far away, they are still fast approaching! Along with that, the School Store sold Glitter Roses! The Glitter Roses were $5 for one or $20 for five! This was for Mrs. Oaks’ Marketing Class, who runs the School Store as a part of that class!

Teachers like Mrs. Nordlund, who teaches the Creative Writing classes, handed out mini chocolate candies, and she had a special Valentine’s prompt for her young writers! Students like Hannah McCrystal claim, “Mrs. Nordlund is very kind and she makes learning fun and exciting.” Another teacher, Mrs. Trosell, who teaches a Freshman Exploratory class, gave Valentine’s heart candies to the group who got the highest temperature in the class from their homemade Solar Cookers! Madi Maiolo, Gabbie Smulski, and Holly Phillips reached a temperature of 84.4 degrees to get this special reward!

Valentine’s a great holiday to spend at RHS with lots of love in the air! We sure hope that your face was full with a smile and it was just as sweet!