Rockville Creative Writing Program Create Annual Literary Arts Magazine and Reading


The Creative Writing program at RHS releases an annual Literary Arts Magazine to showcase the creative talents and works of the students involved. It is a themed collection of poems, stories, and even art pieces carefully arranged and published. Copies are even available for purchase, as well. This year, the members of the Literary Arts staff are collaborating with students spearheading a new club: The Art Club. The aim of this club is to promote the art within the Art Department and gain more of a creative interest within the student body. They plan on collaborating with Literary Arts to further promote the department. This club was spearheaded by seniors Aurora Luce and Rya Cipriani. The two students created this club originally as a Senior Demonstration Project, but it has transformed into something much more than that. For more information, you can contact these two students or visit Mrs. Nordlund in room 224 for information on the Literary Arts program.

On February 29th, Voices of the Youth, poetry reading was held. The purpose being to be able to express your feelings and give a safe place to share your voice. T’challa Williams and Fredrick Douglass- Knowles ll were invited to come and join us at Rockville High School and read a few pieces and share some of their opinions. T’challa Williams had a few feisty pieces while Fredrick Douglass- Knowles ll had a calmer and slightly darker tone to his pieces.

Multiple students that attended the poetry reading had questions after, and excitedly asked.

Kascey Russell held this event. Abigail Aggarwala said “ The differences between their voices was very adamant and I loved the different styles. I loved the first reader's tone and body movements while he treated his pieces, he braided his enunciation with movements and his words and flow were very connected. Something that he did I thought was interesting was whenever he would trip up on a line he made a click click noise to reset himself and the flow.” Jessica Borisov said “After listening to the poems that the authors read for us, I can confidently say that I enjoyed both of them and would have liked to hear more. It was very interesting listening to both of them as they have very different styles of writing and delivering their poems, but they are both spreading such powerful messages with their words” Muhammad Chaudhry said “ During Knowles' performance of “Mahomes”, the audience felt a strong feeling of empathy and connection. We were able to enter his world and partake in his experiences because of his powerful language. It was clear Knowles had a great ability to emotionally connect w/ people and writing. “In summary, (Knowles) poetry reading left a deep impact on everyone there. His poem (Mahomes) and others showcased his talent and passion for storytelling, solidifying his reputation as a masterful poet who connects deeply with his audience”